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Back ups, Cloning + Data recovery

Repairs, Upgrades + Servicing

Scanning, Copying + Printing


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Whether you computer, tablet or phone is broken, in need of servicing, running slow or riddled with viruses. I can help repair it, clean it up or remove any malicious software and get it back to normal.

I can also assist in many other situations form helping you find the right computer for your needs, or guidance for your first 'self build' project, to upgrading your hardware or your software environment. Including full customisation of your operating system functionality and its appearence.

With a colour laser copier printer at my disposal I can help you make copies of your documents, print of your work for you, and post it to you should you need me to (as long as you cover postage costs, such items shall show on the invoice if not paid in advance).

I even offer assistance in designing posters, Flyers and business cards for your events, and short run print jobs (up to a few hundred, or so, A4 sheets)

I also have an A4 and A3 laminator to help weatherproof any posters you wish to re-use for reoccuring events. Although you would need to supply the laminator pouches as I only keep a few in stock.

With my multi hard drive docking station I can help you create a hardware back up or clone your drives for extra security and data loss prevention.

I can help you set up secure 'Cloud' backups for safety and convenience.

If, however, the worst should happen and you need data recovery services I can help there too.

I can even offer a secure, password protected, hardware backup at my premesis for a limited number of customers.

Please contact me should you need my help. Or just to gain more information to help you decide if you want my assistance.

Do you have a computer with a decent sized harddrive sitting around doing nothing?

Do you want to be able to access your media from anywhere in your home without having to transfer it to your device, or access the internet?

Then why not ask me to convert it to your own personal home media server?

That way you can enjoy any of your media anywhere within range of your router. If you connect your media server to the internet you can enjoy your media from anywhere on the planet (Or off planet if so required) (Note- a working internet connection at your chosen location is essential)

Home network setup and complete tech integration

Home Media Server Setup and Creation

I can still offer a quality VHS to DVD service (not easy to find now),and vinyl/cassette tape to CD conversion (Including a remastering service if required), as well as being able to convert various media files into different formats (Mp3 to Wav or AVI to Mp4 etc).

Transfer and Conversion

eBay Sales

Soldering Jobs


Research Assistance/Information Gathering

Sourcing and Purchasing

Web Design Services

Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Video recording, Editing and Enhancement

Photography. Including Photo restoration, Enhancement and recovery

Most people have a wireless router that they use to access the internet. But many don't realise that you can create a home network so that all your devices that use the wireless router can also directly access and share files and information in the other devices shared folders. It also opens them up to direct communication (Such as audio and video calls over the network. like a home intercom system) without having to use the internet to connect them like Skype and such similar programs do.

I am familiar with many web design programs. Both online web creation software like GoDaddy, Sitebuilder and Zyro (Used to create this site) and installed software like MS Front Page and Dreamweaver basics to mention but a few.

I have the knowledge and creative ability to help you prepare all of your input for your site, to help you create any required pictures, videos, audio or written pieces and to help structure the layout and build your site.

I can also teach you how to manage, edit and update your site yourself If you wish. With my 'Design with you' service. Unlike many web designers who will hold onto your login information forcing you to return to them every time you need to change even the tiniest thing.

I have kept this site clean and professional. But I can create fancier sites if required.

With much experience in recording, editing, mixing, audio manipulation and mastering I can assist in recording speeches, creating a demo/public sales CD for small up coming bands to operating a recording studio for a professional level recording session. And everything in between. Live and site recording also possible using my M Box 2 Pro.

My hardware experience includes both analogue and digital equipment. Including 5.1 Surround sound and above.

I have used many types of audio recording and manipulation software. From the basics such as Reaper and Soundforge etc, right up to the professional level software such as Cubase and ProTools (The music industry standard). For more information please check my software experience lists                         Or you can take a look at my

As with Audio I have plenty of experience with recording and production when it comes to video.

I have several video cameras, two digital and two tape based (at this point) as well as other digital camera's with video recording capabilities, for multi angle recording.

I have used various video editing suites and can find my way round almost any unfamiliar ones enough to edit, sync and export a high quality final product. I can also easily integrate the transitions and effects you require to give your final product that unique, personal feel.

For more infornation please check my experience lists. (link in above section)

Looking to buy something offline but don't know where to begin?

Maybe you need help finding a particular item, or just want to find something as cheaply priced as possible.

I have plenty of experience with online purchasing. I can help you avoid the common pitfalls and give guidance on how to go about getting your money back, or replacement goods, should your purchase turn out not to be as advertised, or not fit for the purpose for which you purchased it.

In much the same way as buying online I can also help you sell online.

Whether it is teaching you how to sell yourself with your own eBay account, or selling through mine (commision involved). I have the experience and knowledge to help you get a fair price for your goods. While making sure your transactions are protected

Many people neglect to regularly clean their computer based equipment.

It can be a labourious job, but it is essential to keep your equipment running as fast and as smoothly as possible. It also reduces the risk of damage from static electricity. Which can ruin computer components such as RAM etc.

I can offer a cleaning service for anyone who hasn't the time, experience or confidence to do it themsleves.

And, as with all aspects of my services, I can teach you how to do it for yourself without risk of damaging your tech.

I have plenty of experience using soldering irons and can help in every related situation from fixing dry solder joints and general repairs to setting up all your audio/video/computer systems with integrated hardwiring (Please note- This does not include electrical power cabling! And you should seek the assistance of an acredited trained professional for such work!)

Having done several courses, from further education to degree level, I am experienced in research and information gathering across various media. And I understand the importance of reputable sources as well as having experience in Harvard refferencing.

I can help you find any, and all, information you are looking for from all sources (Books, eBooks, Websites, Journals, Magazine articles and other publications) and make sure you have all the relevant information on the Author, Publisher, Publication and the dates thereof to make your work easier.

I cannot, however, write it for you.

I started getting into photgraphy back in the late Eighties when an American friend lent me his full SLR kit. I spent a lot of time, and money, taking pictures using the various settings until I got used to being able to judge what apperture and exposure, etc, to use in any given circumstance to achieve the required result.

Of course with the development of digital photography it has become much simpler for anyone to take a decent picture. But it isn't very common for the average person to have the artistic flair and creativity to make a truly great and impactive photo. See slide shows


I can say with some pride that I can yield better results with a small, basic, digital camera than most people can with a top of the range digital SLR because of this.

Please see my software experience lists for information on photo editing programs I can use. 

Online Account Setup

If you are either new or inexperienced when it comes to using the internet or setting up online accounts, be it anything from Facebook to online banking, I can help.

Whether it is talking you through it over the phone (an appointment would need to be made to make sure I set aside the required ammount of time), sitting with you on your computer or at my residence using one of my computers. I can help guide you though any and all setup processes.

I will also make sure that you alter any passwords so that I have no knowledge of your final login information (This is as much for my security and benefit as it is yours). I can advise you on ways to create a strong password that will be memorable to you yet nigh on impossible for anyone else to guess or figure out. Something essential in todays high tech society.

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With my own 1K PA system, 2x Technics 1210 Mk2's, Hercules MP3 Mixer plus thousands of vinyl and mp3's I can supply the soundtrack to your party. Whether it's a Birthday, Wedding, Garden Party or your own little Rave I have the experience and the tunes. (Please do not ask me to do illegal raves as they are not something I can afford to be involved in. Got to think of my Family first). Service pending liscence aquisition.


Although I may not yet be able to offer my services as an independant DJ. I can still teach you all you need to know about beat matching, key matching, microphone technique and all the software and hardware involved.


DJ Mixing

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Musical Composition

If you have a great idea for a song but no knowledge of scoring music, or no knowledge of such programs as Cubase or ProTools. Then I can help you bring that song into the real world and teach you as we go!

Or if you want a piece of music composed for an occasion or person, even just an ambient atmosphere, I can help there too.

Check out my soundcloud account for examples of my work.

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Coming soon!

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If you have any enquiries about any of my services, even if it is just to satisfy your curiosity, please feel free to contact me for a quick chat or to arrange a free consultation (Whether over the phone/skype, Facebook messaging or in person) and I will answer all of your questions to the best of my ability.

Micro Repair Examples

Laptop Cable

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