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Demo and commercially produced CD examples


Here are two examples of demo/sales CD's that I have created for people.

Example 1- Without Remarks by Aaron Peart

Example 2

gallery/scan 98 edit

Booklet, Outside

The following example is a series of scans taken from some test prints I did for the artists final product. So they are not of the same quality as the finished product. Which was printed on photo quality paper to the highest detail allowed by my printer. It was also part of one of the modules for my degree course.

Booklet, Inside

gallery/scan 97 edit






































































gallery/scan 96 edit

A little about the project-


Aaron was a pleasure to work with! Despite never having been in a recording studio before, he took to it like it was second nature.

He listened to every bit of advice given to him, followed the rules and instructions. And was light hearted and relaxed when any problems arose. This meant they were resolved a lot quicker than if he had created a fuss over them.

I would recommend working with Aaron to anyone as he is a very creative and tallented young man, with a great future ahead of him if he keeps putting in the amount of effort and work that he does!


If you are interested you can listen to some of his tracks, purchase the album (in whole or in part), or you can connect to him using social networks by clicking on the appropriate links below





Disc label

gallery/cd back

This is the only direct example of the quality of the finished back inlay of the project, as all other copies were handed to Aaron upon completion.

CD case, Rear inlay