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Born October 1970 in the upstairs front bedroom of 68 Elsinore Road, London, SE23. I am the youngest of four. I have one brother and two sisters.


For the first 11Yrs of my life I was raised in London. I went to Rathfern Primary School, where I became a part of the 4R Movement and Dance Group Led by Tony Key (who I still consider a great man, if a tad temperamental at times). I learned a lot about stage productions, coreography and myself during ths time.  I then went on to Forest Hill Boys School until my parents divorce in 1982, when I moved to Newmarket with my mother and the younger of my two sisters.


After the move I went to St Felix Middle School and eventually Newmarket Upper School. I must admit my education suffered as a result of the move. Largely as the education system was very different and, due to the 'work at your own pace' initiative of the London based schools, I was rather ahead, in some areas, of the more rigidly structured system here. And, due to this, I soon lost interest in all but my favourite subjects. Mostly Art and Biology, which I tended to learn more about on my own time. I was never popular with other students. In or out of school. Being labelled a freak by most.


I then went to West Suffolk College where I took taster courses in varied areas such as Car Mechanics, metal work and design. And although I retain most of what I learned there, nothing really appealed to me and I eventually dropped out (After falling for a girl and having my heart broken, as happens at that age).


After that I fell in with, what a lot of people considered, 'The wrong crowd'. But, in their defense, they taught me an awful lot about the reality of life, helped me cope with my current situation and showed me how to look inside myself, to self analyse, and helped me grow as a person. They also kept me entertained and helped me develop a sense of humour as a coping mechanism. I learned a lot from them and owe them more than they know. They know who they are (those that are still with us). I spent a lot of this time focusing on my art and developing my artistic skills. A number of my works of art are available to view on my Facebook Artist page. To view click 


The 90's was when I first started getting into computers. Initially just surfing the net and playing games, but I soon realised the potential of the resource available to me and started to learn everything I could about how I could effectively use them to my own ends.

I was soon teaching myself how to use word processing software to facilitate my creative writing. And when I discovered that there was sound recording and music composition software available I knew I had to have one of my own!


Around about this time I was also DJ'ing at a local night spot (as well as some raves). I had originally gone to the location to meet somebody that wanted me to do a painting on their jacket, but by the end of my visit found myself having the position of lighting enineer due to my natural aptitude and, a half our before opening on my second Saturday, I was informed by the main DJ that I now had the position of warm up DJ. That was a very hectic and panic ridden two hours I can tell you! But, me being me, I stuck at it and soon decided to use the opportunity to teach myself how to mix like a proper nightclub DJ. Not something I would recommend doing three nights a week with a live audience.


Within six months I had got the hang of it and was starting to come into my own as a DJ. Before long I found I had people coming in just to listen to my sets. Although this was a mixed blessing to me as I was still very nervous with an audience and not greatly confident in myself yet.


I did get to work with some great people during my time as a DJ including the likes of K-Klass (who actually offered me some work, alas it was no to be as I had no transport). The best times I have had as a DJ were when working with the unforgettable Johnny Kipper! Still one of my oldest friends and an absolute legend.


Eventually the DJ'ing came to an end and I refocused my efforts on audio manipulation and music production. Teaching myself such software as 'Soundforge' and 'Cubase' and by late 1998 I had bought myself a custom built computer, instead of building and upgrading what I could with what I could get hold of. From this point on I learned everything I could about all the software I could get my hands on. Even starting with the demo versions until I could scrape together the money to buy its fully functioning counterpart.


I soon decided I needed to acquire some pieces of paper to start backing up what I already knew and took my first computer related CLAIT course. Which I passed easily and completed all the modules well within the given time. So I took on some additional modules and helped other students that were finding things a lot harder.


By the end of the 90's my living room looked more like a combination of DJ booth and computer shop. With so much computer and stereo equipment crammed into a small room as well as two decks, a couple of mixers and a few thousand records. The small TV in the corner was more of an afterthought than anything else. Viewed by me as something for guests to enjoy. I learned so much about connecting everything together as one homogenous entertainment system during this time. And still like to integrate all my tech as much as possible to this day.


The 00's saw me begin to take the music production side of things more seriously. And some additional nightclub duties gave me the opportunity to develop more computer related skills. Teaching myself how set up and opperate DMX lighting rigs and control software. Also doing my first music production course, for which I won an award, which was presented at the Bury St Edmunds Cathedral by the then Lady Mayor. I was also offered a teaching position at the college, which part of me still thinks I should have accepted.


2009 was an eventful year, with the start of my degree course, the Death of my then closest friend and the Birth of my son occuring in quick succession over the space of a couple of months. They were hard times, but I carried on through the turmoil and sleeples nights. Working as hard as I could on my course work and helping raise my son as a hands on dad. Entertaining him, feeding him and changing nappies. And yes I got covered in all sorts like every hands on parent. The worst exoperience being him releasing trapped gas as I lifted him to wipe the mess off and getting pebble dashed from head to waiste! I looked like I had developed a terrible rash. Needelss to say I finished the job and got cleaned up. Enjoying a good laugh about it as I did so.


2014 saw the arrival of my Daughter and, once again, sleepless nights abound! To this day she has yet to sleep through the night! But I don't mind as she is clever, funny and beautiful.


I love and adore both my children! And they give me the motivation to push on through when times are hard.


I continue to face a lot of challenges, in both my personal and professional lives, and will continue to forge forwards as best I can.


After all. I love a good challenge!