OlTech Computer Services


The Birth of the Business

A natural progression.


There were many contributing factors in the birth of this business. But probably the most important and influential one was the realisation that I had been doing most of it already without making any money from my efforts.


The other important factor was having the confidence to take the plunge. This was greatly helped by all the positive feedback from friends and family. And a few confidence building techniques taught to me by some very nice and helpful people. Thank you! They know who they are. i would also like to thank the staff at the Seetec Bury St Edmunds office for all their help in the time leading up to me going self employed. And for their continued assistance after. Thank you all very much!


I am still in my first year, so it's early days yet, but I am putting as much into this business as I can. Without it negatively affecting my family life. As many will know, this is not easy. It is all about finding the right balance. And I am sure I will get there in time.


I hope to grow and develop my busines and, one day, pass it on to my Son and Daughter. If they choose to take it on that is.


As I learn more and more about being self employed and running my own business I find myself wondering why I did not do it sooner. The potential for self development seems almost limitless. And as I grow, so does the business.