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I have always been a bit of a perfectionist. Actually I used to be a terrible perfectionist. Never happy with anything. Always working on something long after it was finished, just because it wasn't, quite, good enough!


Thankfully I have learned, over the years, that there is such a thing as 'Good enough!'. Although I do still have some difficulty stopping at that point.


Boredom is my enemy! And always has been. I used to suffer greatly from depression. And have learned that this stemmed from not having any sense of achievement and having unrealistically high standards. Now I acknowledge my achievements on a daily basis and set realistic goals. This has helped immensely.


I would also reccomend the use of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to any and all persons wanting to improve or change their lives in any way. Unfortyunately there seems to be a stigma attached to it. And I think that is unfair. It seems many people percieve it as being only for the mentally ill. When, in truth, it is a very powerful tool for helping people learn about themselves, their motivations and problem areas. And also helps to overcome and change bad behaviours and habits. As well as helping to learn new ways of self management, with tools to build confidence, raise self awarness and create firm psychological foundations to build a solid future upon.


​Personally I think CBT should be taught in schools as it would help everyone through those difficult times of self discovery and the stresses involved with exams. As well as the psychological cruelties that can exacted by other students. I feel it to be even more relevant with the current issues of the online 'Trolling' phenomenon.


​Should anyone be interested in learning more about CBT and how it may help you improve your life, or move forward after difficult times here are a few links to a wide variety of CBT resources.


For General issues-



For young people-



​For parents of children with learning difficulties-



If you have more specific needs a quick online search usually gleans useful results!

I hope these are of use to some and hope they help all who need them work towards the future they want!